Bridge(BRG) will be launched on Tokens LaunchPad Tokens LaunchPad will officially launch the Bridge(BRG) IEO at 2020.9.15 15:00(UTC+8)Open trading time: 2020.9.17 15:00(UTC+8)

Information on sale:

Total Issuance:10,000,000,000 BRG

Total amount of the purchase: 2,000,000,000 BRG

Operations: On the Tokens LaunchPad page, users can use USDT to purchase.

Price:0.004 USDT/BRG

Starting time:2020.9.15 15:00(UTC+8)

Ending time:2020.9.16 15:00(UTC+8)

Open trading time: 2020.9.17 15:00(UTC+8)

Minimum Purchase: 10 USDT

Maximum Purchase: 200 USDT

Bonus ratio:none

Open trading pair: BRG/USDT,BRG/BTC

Open deposit and withdrawal time: please pay attention to follow-up annoucement

Purchase restriction: BW users need to complete KYC

Bridge(BRG) Introduction:

Token to pay services of first-ever public oracle system on TRON network


Official website:

White paper:

Block Query URL:

Risk notes

Digital asset trading is a high-risk trading method, which may lead to a partial or total loss. Users are requested to participate carefully and carefully consider the experience of trading digital assets and the degree of risk tolerance before deciding to buy or sell. The contents of this announcement and other information on the (BW) platform do not constitute investment proposals, and the platform will not bear any direct or indirect losses arising from reliance on such information. BW is not liable for guarantee or compensation for the project or investment behavior.

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