AMA with Head of MR Community in China Ivaneo, probe into the Ecological Future Layout of DeFi

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) held by the official telegram, and invited at 20:00 (UTC+8) Oct 15, 2020. In almost 60 minutes, Ivaneo answered all the questions in terms of the understanding and application of MS. He also shared his opinion on the ecological future layout of DeFi.

Here is the editor record:

Host: It’s my great pleasure to invite Ivaneo to BW community for an online AMA this evening. Welcome, Ivaneo.

MR (Mobile Radio), is blockchain technology combined with internet media, internet KOL live broadcast, big data, artificial intelligence ,5G and other new generation of information technology, aiming to create a decentralized platform to coordinate the links between content creators, advertisers and users, so that users create value while getting fair returns. At the same time disrupt and reshape the global payment system with smart contract.

Today, the first guest with us is an “old” member of the bitcoin industry, supported native bitcoin with Dr. Craig Steven Wright. He advocate direct use of computing power to compete for BTC dominance, and he is one of the core members of the Dr. Craig’s team.

The PoW consensus is based on computing power. MobileRadio is a decentralized financial application (Defi) combined with liquidity mining. All the MobileRadio partners who provide liquidity via holding the computing power. Here’s our first guest: a team member from Dr. Craig, Ivaneo. welcome.

Guest: Hello everyone My name is Ivaneo and I’m from Australia. I’m a member of Dr. CSW’s team, and I’m now in charge of the marketing of Mobile Radio in China. My partner and I have already been in Beijing. The quarantine is about to end, and the two-month MR China tour will also officially start.

Q1: Hello Ivaneo, what good news do you have today for our AMA audience who are interested in MR ?

Thank you. Due to the impact of the global coVID-19, although we are in isolation, MR’s work has been progressing smoothly. Today, on behalf of MR core team, I would like to say hello to all MR Communities in China! I would like to take this opportunity to say a few important things to my partners in the Chinese community.

Q2: Ivaneo, besides good news, can you give us some latest update or development about MR ?

First, our strategic partner, MniSwap, has launched an incentive mechanism for all mines that provide MR liquidity pledge, and Chinese communities have officially started to enter. Our visit to China this time is not only the doctor’s meaning, but also our MR team’s optimistic about the Chinese community.

Second, I congratulate all partners who converted MR to MR at early bird price in late September and transferred MR to MniSwap to provide liquidity pledge for mining. MS, MR’s sub-currency, has stabilized at 300 times from 0.1USDT to about 30USDT at present. Believe, in the days to come, there will be a better uptrend. Because I, like Doctor, am a bitcoin conservative, we think that the POW mechanism of Bitcoin should be dominated by computing power.

Q3: Ivaneo ,You and Dr. Craig are both supporters of original bitcoin, which I admire very much. In fact, I also support original bitcoin and stay truth to the original vision.

Well, in MniSwap, MR is also a mechanism in which computing power is king. Whoever has a higher share of computing power has more MS equity allocation. It is the only way for MS to be obtained by providing MR liquidity to pledge mines. We also divide MS’s distributive equity into three parts: one part is the MR pledge to provide liquid mining; the other part is the share pledge to provide liquid mining; and the last part is the share upgrade to provide liquid mining. Each part is combined with the calculation force distribution, and whoever has the higher relative calculation force can get more MS income distribution proportion in the sunrise ore volume.

Q4: As a result, MR liquidity mining is similar to bitcoin mining, through the distribution of holding computing power to obtain the corresponding rewards.

Yes, the host. We want to optimize the new payment system through DeFi, in combination with decentralized finance, to help upgrade the consumption. Therefore, we implement various incentive schemes by providing the MR amount of the liquidity pledge mining as the calculation standard of the calculation force.

Q5: Thank you Ivaneo, I believe the audience of the AMA now should understand the general mechanism of MR. Do you have anything else to add?

In the coming days, MS will launch exchanges around the world. Here, I hope you will unswervingly support our team and the whole MS ecology. Finally, thank you again to our partners in the Chinese community for your support of MobileRadio. On behalf of Dr. CSW and the entire team, I would like to express our deep appreciation to all of you! thank you Next, see you in China!

Host: Well, thanks to Ivaneo for their wonderful sharing. This is the end of today AMA. Thank you for participating and please stay tuned for MobileRadio. You can go to to find more about MobileRadio Station(MS), the sub-token of MobileRadio(MR).

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