Attends 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit

The Asia Blockchain Summit 2019 brought together a wonderful variety of cryptocurrency professionals to this premier networking event. Further to this point, the event this year featured executives from dozens of different prominent cryptocurrency companies, all brought together to further the industry’s cause. With that being said, the team was certain to be able to attend the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit and capitalize upon the two days worth of networking with some of the best and brightest within the cryptocurrency sector.

That being said, today we will look closer at the Asia Blockchain Summit event and highlight our time in attendance at this event. We will start with an overview of the event as a whole and then we will look closer at the informational booth which was set up for the event. Finally, we will close this event overview with a look at some of the networking opportunities which the team were able to take advantage of while in attendance to this event.

Asia Blockchain Summit Event Overview

The Asia Blockchain Summit event, held annually in the Taipei Marriott Hotel, took place last week over the July 2nd and 3rd. The event does a wonderful job of bringing together a huge variety of blockchain-based companies for this networking event. This year’s event featured speakers such as Justin Sun from Tron, Changpeng Zhao from Binance, Arthur Hayes from BitMEX, and many other cryptocurrency executives from influential firms. The team was thrilled to be able to attend this huge networking event with so many influential faces present. Furthermore, our team was thrilled to have a full informational booth available for attendees at the event to be able to learn more about Information Booth

The 2019 event offered the team a wonderful opportunity to share the exchange’s mission with the event attendees. With so many cryptocurrency enthusiasts in attendance to a niche-focused event like this, it was a prime opportunity to spread the word about the service offering. Through this in-person advertising effort, we hopefully will have a lasting impact on those who spoke with our team while at the event. Furthermore, the event gave rise to the opportunity to share marketing material and swag with cryptocurrency enthusiasts in attendance at the event in hopes to again further the brand awareness of the ecosystem and exchange.

The booth at the Asia Blockchain Summit offered a wonderful opportunity to interact with cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry influencers, an appealing point for attending networking conferences in general. Also, while at this event, our team was able to capture and share information about our partners with and create a buzz for many of our other strategic partnerships in place. This was in addition to spreading information about the exchange and ecosystem which offers a robust solution for cryptocurrency traders and projects.

To this point, we have included a great variety of photos below which should highlight our time and our booth while attending the Asia Blockchain Summit in 2019. Our team looks forward to the next opportunity to set up this exciting information booth!

Review of Exciting Team Interactions

As aforementioned, the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit brought together a great variety of different influential cryptocurrency companies. This included and our partner, both of whom shared a booth at this event to more efficiently reach the masses in attendance at this event. Furthermore, our staff was able to connect briefly with the CEO of Tron, the popular and outspoken Justin Sun. This provided a wonderful opportunity for our team to discuss partnership details with Justin. Since and Tron have a few projects which complement one another, the opportunity to meet in person always brings value to both companies.

The event also brought together many other exciting networking opportunities. The team was thrilled to see so many new opportunities arise from the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit event. That being said, we will share more information about these partnerships as they evolve further.

In closing, we do want to send a special thank you to the team behind the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit. The team members from and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this a successful event. Furthermore, we look forward to attending next year’s reiteration of this wonderful cryptocurrency-focused event. World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.