Copy-trading system, the best choice for traders and newbie

In the crypto currency trading market, the public investors are often called can only survive under the sickle of the makers. And we often see that some makers take whatever they want in the contract trading market, and their profit records of 1 200% are often shown in the circle of twitter and telegram etc. on August 7 (Friday) release copy-trading system, can be said to be your gospel. Not only are the excellent traders selected by the platform to lead the way to make money, but investors will have millions of usdt as experience fund to follow orders, which can not only make money easily, but also obtain rewards. This kind of good thing can be met in BW.

Those who have done contracts in the currency circle all know that the market is changing rapidly, the current trend is still volatile, the daily line hour line conflicts are contrary, and it is difficult to predict the long and short positions.

As a novice, he doesn’t have a certain experience. Most of the time, he relies on his intuition to guess. If he guesses right a few times, he has the illusion that his skill of frying money is improving. It seems that if Murakami wins two fights against landlords, he dares to go to Macao or Las vegas to fight against the God of gamblers. This random incentive has caused many people great losses.

Most people can’t get over this threshold, so it’s a good choice to follow a reliable contract with a single person.

So the question is, what kind of single person is reliable?

We need to understand two things before we solve this problem

1、 No matter how reliable the man with the list is, he is not going to take you to the king’s game to lead the practice. He will certainly lose money. Therefore, don’t believe that the one who wins every battle doesn’t exist at all. Otherwise, he is the richest man in the universe,

2、 People with bills have made a lot of efforts. It’s natural that they earn platform commission or share. Don’t regard others as cheaters when they make money. There are also management fees, custody fees and sales service fees when you buy financial management.

In fact, it’s very simple to judge whether or not to rely on a single person. First of all, we should look at his past achievements. At least he is a stable and profitable person. Do you believe that the people who drop into boxes every day say they will take you to eat chicken?

Another point is that he must have a reliable trading platform endorsement, for example online copy-trading system, and regardless of whether the traders invited by BW can bring you money, at least it will not find cheaters

What’s more, Different from other third-party software that uses API interface to follow documents, the official tracking system of can ensure the accuracy of price and order, and will not lead to inconsistency of price and time due to cross-platform. This is very important for intraday copy-trading.

Finally, I will post the announcement for you to take a review!

BW Perpetual Contract Copy Trading will be launched, welcome all the elite traders!

BW support:

1) 3000 global media publicity resources

2) Assist elite traders to build and maintain personal influence and personal traffic

3) High commission for trading, as well as commission rebate

4) Occasionally USDT Awards

5) Exclusive Account manager with 24 hour online service

6) BW To the Moon and Token Launchpad quota preemption rights (at least for 5 programs)

7) Commission daily settlement, flexible return commission, support customized commission

Obligations of traders:

Having own accounts in cryptocurrency communities and having media or social media accounts such as Bihu/ Block123/Heyuedi or equivalent etc.

2 the frequency of login and providing contract strategy shall be more than 30 times per month.

3. Promote BW on its own social and self-media accounts at least 4 times a month.

4. To become a trader, you need to deposit at least 500USDT, and the contract account needs to keep the balance of 500usdt all the time.



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