online credit card fiat purchase, up to 1500 USDT service fee rebate!

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BW Credit Card Coin purchase channel Israel financial company simplex, founded in 2014, has legal and compliant cryptocurrency credit card and debit card service entrance. Simplex has obtained the permission of EU financial institutions and provides services for several top cryptocurrency companies, focusing on providing payment solutions for credit card / debit card purchase of cryptocurrency.

Link for credit card Fiat purchase:

BW will support 15 fiat channels (GBP、KRW、RUB、AUD、CHF、CZK、DKK、NOK、NZD、PLN、SEK、TRY、ZAR、HUF、ILS), and can be bound with a visa card or Mastercard to buy and trade instantly!

The first deposit, up to 1500 USDT service fee rebate!

Time: 2020 / 12 / 22 18:00 (UTC + 8) — 2021 / 1 / 3 18:00 (UTC + 8)

Activity 1: Use a credit card for the first deposit, send 2 USDT!

During the activity period, users can get 2 usdt for any amount of initial deposit with a simplex credit card. The amount is limited, first come first served!

Activity 2: Use Simplex credit card to deposit, you can get 1500 USDT service charge subsidy at most!

During the event, users can use the simplex credit card to recharge to a certain amount, and they can participate in the lottery. 10 people are selected from each stall, and the maximum subsidy is 1500 USDT! (limited amount of rebate, on a first come, first served basis)

Deposit amount (usdt% of rebate received)

≥ 50000 USD up to 1500 USDT

≥5000 USD up to 200 USDT

≥500 USD up to 20 USDT

Activity 3: invite friends to use credit card transaction, you can get 1% commission

Users can use the personal invitation link in the personal center to invite friends to trade, and they can get 1% commission of the transaction fee of friends. The settlement method is monthly settlement.

Activity rules:

1) Users need to complete BW KYC real name authentication

2) Users who use credit card to deposit money need to fill in the activity form and provide the screenshot of the credit card deposit and BW user ID before they can receive the rebate.

Activity form:


In order to ensure the fairness of the activities, it is strictly forbidden to swipe orders, knock on and other cheating behaviors. In case of any illegal operation affecting the normal operation of the activity, BW platform will immediately cancel the award-winning qualification, and in serious cases, the account number will be frozen.

The right of final interpretation belongs to BW.

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