Partners with Digital USD

The team is thrilled to share our experience while attending another one of the world’s most popular blockchain events. While attending the World Blockchain Forum, The team established many exciting new relationships. Networking events focused on the blockchain community provide wonderful opportunities to build new partnerships. To this point, the team formed a partnership with Digital USD (DUSD) while attending the WBF 2019 Conference. DUSD, one of the cosponsors of the WBF 2019 event offer a stable coin pegged to the United States dollar. Finally and perhaps most exciting, the team is thrilled to share that was awarded as the top recommended exchange by the DUSD team.

Today we will look at the World Blockchain Forum event which took place last week in Singapore. Furthermore, we will discuss the exciting partnership formed with a stable coin, DUSD. Finally, presenting a wonderful award which the platform received this past week while at the conference. With that said, let us dive right into the overview of this exciting event.

World Blockchain Forum

The event brought a wonderful variety of cryptocurrency’s biggest names and businesses together to network and develop ideas, partnerships, and collaborative opportunities. The event, held in Singapore this year, featured many important cryptocurrency companies such as S Block, the Libcoin Foundation, R3, Dubai Blockchain Center, Polymath, and many other prominent companies. The team flourished with the immense networking opportunity presented with so many well known and established blockchain based companies in attendance. To this point, there were nearly 100 prominent cryptocurrency figures in attendance at the event this year. All of whom present a partnership opportunity to the exchange and platform of services in one way or another. With that said, the team did successfully establish a partnership with the DUSD team which we will highlight next.

DUSD Partnership

The platform developed by the Digital USD team works to offer a stable currency. The company operated by Digital USD within the heavily regulated financial capital of the world, New York City, NY, is strictly regulated by New York State law. The company is also therefore protected by US federal regulations and laws. The DUSD platform deploys assets which are highly transparent, funds which are independently managed by a third party, and offers accounts which are subject to regular public audits. The DUSD team have developed the world’s first 1:1 anchored US dollar and USD stable currency for the Asian marketplace. With the partnership formed between the Ecosystem and the DUSD stable coin platform, both companies should be able to reach a larger audience with their premium service offerings.

With the two companies offering a service which compliments one another so well, both teams took the time to form a written partnership while at the WBF event this year. With this partnership, as aforementioned, both companies should be able to reach a larger audience by leveraging their existing user bases. In the future, look for more exciting news to be coming from this partnership between the ecosystem and the Digital USD asset. Exchange Award

The team won the Best Exchange award while in attendance at the event. In part thanks to DUSD company for awarding as the most recommended Exchange at the WBF Singapore 2019 event. The exchange was selected by our new partners, DUSD to be the winner of this award. With that being said, we could not be more proud of our company, staff, and especially all the customers that have helped find success over the last couple of years. As the cryptocurrency trend continues to grow in popularity, we with the exchange and ecosystem hope to be able to continue to bring the best in class services to this wonderful industry. Key Partnerships & Introductions

While in attendance at this event, the team successfully created many new partnerships and introductions to new potential partners. These opportunities to meet face-to-face can help become the foundation of a long term partnership which remains fruitful for both partners. To this point, we want to highlight a few of the many exciting new introductions we had while also securing partnerships with teams like DUSD.

Ali Al Khamis — Sovereign Business Alliance in UAE

The United Arab Emirate Sovereign Business Alliance has a forward thinking and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, Ali Al Khamis as their leader. Our team was thrilled to Meet Mr. Khamis while at this Singapore event where we could discuss cryptocurrency in person. Mr. Khamis is a well-known cryptocurrency and alternative markets expert and it was wonderful to meet him in person.

Aly Madhavji — Polymath Advisor

We were thrilled to meet the strategic advisor, Aly Madhavji from the Polymath team. Polymath offers a powerful cryptocurrency based know-your-customer platform to help the next generation of decentralized projects get off the ground. The platform helps to provide new ventures with access to investors, proper smart contract protocols, and legal expertise to ensure the projects gets a proper start. This meeting could be the foundation to an exciting partnership between Polymath and

Bohu Tang — ZBmega CEO

Touching base with a familiar company always is nice and this certainly was the case when the team members from and came together at this event. The collaboration between these two companies remains a great cornerstone within the cryptocurrency sector. To that point, we were thrilled to see them networking and growing their connections while in attendance at this cryptocurrency focused conference.

Brother Dao — BeeNews Founder

It was also wonderful to meet Brother Dao, the BeeNew Founder while attending the event. The BeeNews platform offers value discovery of blockchain technology and digital currencies through a meta-graph chain.

Jason Fang — Sora Venture

Another great introduction that came was when we were able to meet Jason Fang from Sora Ventures. Sora Ventures offers venture capital to cryptocurrency companies within Asian markets. The firm has already made over two dozen investments and specializes in emerging cryptocurrency assets.

Changyu Zhao — CEO

Last and certainly not least, our team met with Changyu Zhao, CEO of with this company has received over 20 million dollars in venture capital funding they have been well poised to take on the market. With that in mind, it was great to meet the CEO, Mr. Zhao.

In Closing, we want to say a special thank you to the DUSD team for selecting our exchange as the best exchange in 2019. This is an immense honor and we are proud to accept it! Furthermore, we must thank our fans and customers as would not exist without them, as well as the hard work invested by all of our staff, partners, and supporters. In closing, the WBF 2019 provided a wonderful experience and a great networking opportunity which will surely provide a great return on investment for our team’s time spent at the event.

Until our next update, stay well! World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.