Team Recap of The 2019 Consensus Conference at Consensus 2019 teams up with and ChainDD

Who Else Attended Consensus 2019

While the event itself would not be complete without the many other active industry players who attend this event each year. Enabling the to discuss with many teams behind the companies. The team were able to establish new partnerships with many companies, a few of which include:

Original protocol

Quark Chain



True to the name of the company, NucleusVision offers insights into consumers with unprecedented technology. With their tagline, to bridge the gap between consumers and retailers, the firm offers incredible insights for consumer behavior and demographics to retailers. With this information, retailers should be able to better serve their customers and further bridge the gap between the digital and real world.





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Exchange BW (BW Exchange)

Exchange BW (BW Exchange) World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.