Team Recap of The 2019 Consensus Conference

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4 min readJun 23, 2019


The 2019 Consensus Conference offered a delightful look into the future of the cryptocurrency industry. Based out of New York City, the event attracts many exciting industry influencers, companies, and some of the best and brightest minds in the cryptocurrency space. With so many important figures attending the 2019 Consensus Conference, the and were certain to have an active presence as well. at Consensus 2019

For the second year, the team behind joined the Consensus Conference in New York City. Despite long journeys, Chief Executive Officer Pony and Director of Internal Operations Allen both were able to attend, along with key members of the technical team. With this busy and productive conference, the BW com team succeeded in connecting with many other key industry companies to start to form even more partnerships to the growing community. To this point, the team established many wonderful relationships with popular and up-and-coming companies, all of whom seem to have a promising future within the exciting cryptocurrency sector and community. teams up with and ChainDD,, and all came together and teamed up to co-host a party during The 2019 Consensus Conference. The event, packed with many of the best and brightest from the legal, finance, and technology sectors, opened many exciting thoughts about the future of blockchain technology. People gathered together to discuss and exchange their opinions about blockchain and provide insight into how best to navigate the future of this relatively new, yet booming sector.

Who Else Attended Consensus 2019

While the event itself would not be complete without the many other active industry players who attend this event each year. Enabling the to discuss with many teams behind the companies. The team were able to establish new partnerships with many companies, a few of which include:

Original protocol

Based out of San Francisco, properly known as Silicon Valley, home to some of the best and brightest within the technology space. The Original Protocol offers users access to a peer-to-peer marketplace based upon the Ethereum blockchain. The Original Protocol solution aims to become the future of digital commerce in a decentralized economy.

Quark Chain

The Quark Chain team hopes to use sharding technology within blockchain based solutions to better serve the global business community. To complete this goal, the team has developed and fine-tuned a platform which will allow a high volume of peer-to-peer transactions to be completed quickly, securely, and efficiently. With over 70 companies already enrolled in their program, the Quark Chain team is well on its way.


A blockchain project based out of India, the Eleven01x team promotes cryptocurrency to the world’s second most populated country. To make this happen, the team has developed a protocol to empower the people of India to create and publish the next generation of technological advances with the power of blockchain technology. The team plans to create this service which will cater to all sectors of the economy such as supply chain management, smart cities, agricultural services, and commercial applications.


True to the name of the company, NucleusVision offers insights into consumers with unprecedented technology. With their tagline, to bridge the gap between consumers and retailers, the firm offers incredible insights for consumer behavior and demographics to retailers. With this information, retailers should be able to better serve their customers and further bridge the gap between the digital and real world.


Another exciting project in attendance at the Consensus Conference 2019, Bitsian. This service allows users to find the best price for their cryptocurrency trades by selecting and accessing trading pairs across many different exchanges. This wonderful tool compliments well as we work to have an active role with western traders.


This platform solution empowers users to transact Bitcoin in a peer-to-peer fashion in true fashion to the spirit of cryptocurrency. This network started in 2015 allows users to easily buy and sell Bitcoin with other users. We were thrilled to meet the team behind this exciting and promising project.

All and all, The 2019 Consensus Event provided a great deal of networking and new partnerships to form. The productive event proved worthy of the investment of time and energy to travel across the globe. Many of these partnerships should help propel, more so, help to sustain as home to one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Learn more about and the team’s journey to The 2019 Consensus Conference online via the team’s Twitter via @BWWorld.



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