weekly AMA with Margin Master Roane: how to do margin trading rationally

Section 1: Introduction

Question 1 from Vietnam:

R: Three words: know-how, accurate and fast. “Know-how” means that one needs to have a full understanding and learning.I have done a few years of margin trading. I should say that I have extensive experience in margin. When BW launched a margin transaction, I also fully studied through the event page and consulted customer service. “Accurate” means don’t start trading easily. Before you start, pay more attention to the market situation, sense the trend and get some latest industry news. “Fast” means timely to sell and buy, and be awe of the market. When close to your expectation point, just liquidate, and don’t be obsessed with the market. There are many market opportunities. Don’t aim to buy at the lowest point and liquidate to the highest.

Question 2 from Korea:

R: When I am doing margin trading, I usually compare with the contract market. Because the contract market is more sensitive, and it is the first to reflect usually a big upswing or a big drop in the market.

Question 3 from Korea:

R: Two aspects. On one hand, in the perspective of user experience, I think BW is better in transferfunds, starting trading, and entrusting. In particular, transferring, borrowing and trading can be completed with one click. On the other hand, the margin trading feature. When BW began to promote the margin trading, the first thing that attracted me was the margin multiple. It can support 20 times at most with 0 interest fee as well. This is a very bold innovation, which allows us to enjoy greater returns while bearing lower risks. This is definitely stronger than OK and Huobi.

Question 4 from China:

R: What I want to say is that this should be a prejudice against margin trading. Margin trading can generate greater returns with a smaller principal, and gains also means the greater risk while starting a margin trading. First, you need to assess your individual risk tolerance and conduct margin trading with risk controlled.

Question 5 from BW:

R: I personally feel that the biggest change in BW is “fast”. I have been with BW for almost 9 months. From the initial exchange trading to the current margin trading, I experienced TLP, To the moon, IOU and BW staking, I basically participated in all of them, And fortunately, I also got certain return on this platform. BW should be better and better. I also hope to get more revenue in the process of BW growth. As for the proposal, I hope that BW can launch the contract transaction as soon as possible.

Question 6 from Spain:

R: Then I want to point one thing first. This may be a point that many other users also want BW to improve as soon as possible. The experience of BW’s App is not very friendly. I hope that BW can optimize it as soon as possible in the App and provide users with better App experience services.

Question 7 from BW:

R: I have a plan for this. I have already been attracted by 20 times margin trading. I will transfer the funds for official trading when it starts. Also, I have already started to invite others, and now got the 500USDT trial bonus so far by sharing.

Question 8 from BW:

R: I wish BW bring digital asset trading go into everyone’s life.

BW friends, the official margin trading comes tomorrow. It will be officially launched at 20:00 (UTC +8) on November 19, 2019. The world’s first interest-free margin trading product up to 20 times. Invest 1X to reach 20X profit . Money is so close to your hand. Participate in sign-in, team-up, invitation, and sharing events. You can claim millions of USDT. First come, first served.

Margin trading operation tutorial:

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