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BW announced that SFX (Safex Cash) will be launched on To-the-Moon as scheduled at 10:00 (UTC+8) on November 29. The specific activities are as follows:

SFX ultra low price: 0.02 USDT

Activity rules: the group successfully obtained the lucky draw qualification to buy SFX

Total amount on sale:: 2,000,000 SFX

Subscription token: USDT

[single player]

  1. Users can click “generate number” to participate in the drawing after completing real-name authentication.
  2. After selecting a single person to participate in the activity (after generating a number), you can no longer participate in the activity as a group.
  3. 1700 BWB is required for a single person to participate in the lucky draw.
  4. Invite 5 people to register through the To-the-Moon page could reduce 20% the BWB need to be held.
  5. Won in the single-player mode will get 750 SFX quota.

【Team up rules】

  1. Number of successful group members: 3.
  2. Team quota: 3500 SFX, including 1500 SFX for the team leader and 1000 SFX for team members.
  3. The minimum requirement for forming a team: pass KYC certification (real name authentication address: )。
  4. Participation in the lucky draw to team up successfully and hold the required number of BWB. If other members of the team do not hold, they will be disqualified from the draw.
  5. Every person has one opportunity to be the leader and one opportunity to be a member. The total quotation can be accumulated.


1. Home Page — To The Moon URL

2. Click “Form a team”, generate a team number and become the team leader. Once the team reach 3 users, the team get chance to participate in lucky draw.

3. Click “Join a team”, input the team number and become a team member. Once team up is successful, you can wait for the lucky draw result. It can also be shared with your friends.

4.Each user can form a team and join a team; the quotation can be accumulated.

5. Quota allocation by lottery, the winning team gets the quota of 3500 SFX; team leader quota: 1000 SFX, team member quota: 1000 SFX.

6. After the lucky draw is completed, will distribute the SFX.

7. The platform will deduct the corresponding USDT and distribute the corresponding SFX from the time when the money is deducted. The amount deducted =0.02 USDT*allocated quota.

8. Please prepare enough usdt in the account before 10:00 (UTC+8) on December 4, 2020; if usdt is insufficient, only the amount of the corresponding maximum amount of available capital will be deducted.

9. Requirements: Please finish KYC authentication before forming/joining team; please make sure that each account holds the corresponding BWB quota before lucky draw starts.

[Group Level]

1. A level (diamond, gold, bronze) can be obtained after a successful group

2. Both members are new registered users — diamond, who need to hold 700 BWB

A member of the league is a new registered user — gold, who needs to hold 1000 BWB

No member of the league is a new registered user — bronze, who needs to hold 1400 BWB

(from left to right: no team success; diamond; gold; bronze. The team level is displayed on the SFX To-the-Moon page.)

Note: Users registered after the group start time are counted as new users.

[Activity Time]

Starting time of group / individual participation: 10:00, November 29 (UTC+8)

End time of group time / personal participation: 16:00, December 3 (UTC+8)

Please hold the corresponding number of BWB before 10:00 (UTC+8) on December 4, 2020 (snapshot will be taken at 10:00)

Announcement time: 16:00, December 4 (UTC+8)

Payment time: 18:00, December 4 (UTC+8)

Open trading: 20:00, December 4 (UTC+8)

Introduction to SFX:

Safex easily integrates global payment engines and decentralized databases to add privacy and security to online stores. The anonymity of the sender and receiver of the transaction is ensured by ringsignatures and one time addresses. Safexcash: the available cryptocurrency for shopping.

Official website:


Blockchain query address:

【Contact us】



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