BW To-the-Moon is launching SFX(Safex Cash) as season 20

  1. Users can click “generate number” to participate in the drawing after completing real-name authentication.
  2. After selecting a single person to participate in the activity (after generating a number), you can no longer participate in the activity as a group.
  3. 1700 BWB is required for a single person to participate in the lucky draw.
  4. Invite 5 people to register through the To-the-Moon page could reduce 20% the BWB need to be held.
  5. Won in the single-player mode will get 750 SFX quota.
  1. Number of successful group members: 3.
  2. Team quota: 3500 SFX, including 1500 SFX for the team leader and 1000 SFX for team members.
  3. The minimum requirement for forming a team: pass KYC certification (real name authentication address: )。
  4. Participation in the lucky draw to team up successfully and hold the required number of BWB. If other members of the team do not hold, they will be disqualified from the draw.
  5. Every person has one opportunity to be the leader and one opportunity to be a member. The total quotation can be accumulated.



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