BW will online NFT phase II “Deposit to Listing” activity with BTC reward for deposit users of MakersPlace(MKT),Sugarapple(SUGA),Axie Infinity(AXS)!

Exchange BW (BW Exchange)
2 min readNov 9, 2020


In order to support the development of high-quality NFT token project, BW is about to start the second phase of “Deposit to listing” activity. The users who deposit MKT, SUGA, AXS may get BTC reward. The time is from 18:00 on November 4 to 18:00 on November 12, 2020 (UTC+8).

【deposit requirements】
Within the specified inspection time, users can deposit any token (MKT, SUGA, AXS) to BW. When the deposit amount of the token ranks top 3 or the number of the token’s deposit users reaches more than 200, BW will open the trading qualification as soon as the docking work is completed. The specific online time is subject to the formal announcement.

Deposit, massive BTC airdrop waiting for you to divide up!
During the activity, deposit any token in this event to BW, BW will issue value 1–5000 USDT BTC to the user according to the deposit amount, and the airdrop will be released to the user’s account within one week after the event.

【brief introduction of NFT tokens in the 2nd phase】

Every digital creation available through MakersPlace is a real, truly unique digital creation signed and issued by the creator, which is implemented through blockchain technology. Even if the digital work is copied, it will not be the true original signature version.
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Suga (sugar apple) sakagao is an experimental protocol. Its highlight is the fusion of DeFi and NFT, a special type of token on Ethereum network, which is used to create verifiable scarcity of digital assets and some of the most exciting inventions, including DVI and password collection. Let your $suga work by presenting an exclusive NFT puzzle. Give us a bunch of legendary LP tokens.
Official website:
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“Axie infinity is a Pokemon like electronic pet game world where players can fight, collect, raise and build their own pet kingdom. All art assets and pet gene data are available through third parties, and community developers and artists will be able to build their own tools in axie infinity. Although axie is still in its early stages, axie is already the №1 NFT platform on Ethereum for monthly active users. Axie is not just a casual game, it also combines social network and community attributes, where players can earn money through games. “
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