Is Copy-trading the Schrödinger’s cat?

In the financial trading market, if someone wants to make money, someone will also make money from those who want to make money.

The words are sloppy, but answering novice questions and pulling groups and shouting singles is a business. Its existence is reasonable and also the correct market demand.

Find someone to carry the order, just like you play a game to find a power leveling, and find a driver after drinking. It’s just that many power levelers in the trading market have misled you to break up, and many of them drive you into the ditch and ask you for money.

Therefore, on the one hand, newbies want to earn money while on the other hand, they cannot judge the traders, which leads to following the wrong person and getting into the wrong car.

As a newbie, I don’t have that kind of experience. Most of the time I guess the market and the K line. If I guess correctly a few times, I have the illusion that my speculation skills are improving. It’s like has won the two landlords and dare to go to Las Vegas to fight Gambling God, and this kind of random incentive has hurt many people.

The vast majority of people have been stuck in the emotions, or the thoughts of making easy money so follow the professional’s with a single person to do the contract trading, it is a rational choice.

So the question is, what kind of trader is professional?

1. There are multiple sets of trading strategies to deal with the market;
2. The profit record is endorsed by a large platform organization;
3. Stable profitability in the market.

Thinking back, if he loses money, will he compensate you? Obviously not, the phrase that the market is risky will fool you.
The market risk is indeed not in his expectation, but he always advertises that his forecast is more accurate than the weather forecast, which is completely against the laws of nature.
The real gods don’t have the time to spend hours asking you for the money. It’s better to look at the market and make a trading plan.
It seems that the copy-trading is Schrödinger’s cat. Should he try it with real money?
It is worth trying, but you need to make good judgment.

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