Jose Fernando Molina Pinos lists the best exchanges in 2020 with BW, Binance, and Coinbase on it

Jose Fernando Molina Pinos, a well-known and authoritative expert on public chain, published an article entitled “Best Exchanges of 2020” via MOTRIL @ DIGITAL, and mainstream exchanges such as BW, Binance, Coinbase and others were successfully listed. He introduced the characteristics of multiple exchanges from the dimensions of security, transaction depth, user activity, market activity and enterprise strength.

Molina says that if 2020 is the year of trading, a crazy year for bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices to rise and fall, then choosing the best and safest exchange and tools to facilitate trading will be the safest decision.

From a security perspective, BW and Binance have adopted a security review of all systems and data in response to hacking, and allowed all users to conduct transactions during this period. Hackers can still control some high-net-worth accounts, but deposits and withdrawals have been banned for a week. They will not be opened again until the hackers are completely and thoroughly understood, ensuring the security of the majority of user assets.

Through transaction depth, user activity and market activity, Fernando Molina stated that compared with Binance, KARKEN and Bitfinex, BW with more advantages like average daily active user of more than 40,000, has become one of the most popular exchanges in 2019.

Jose Fernando Molina Pinos is a blockchain researcher and one of the most followed and influential bloggers in the cryptocurrency industry in Spain. He has been a global pioneer of Gxchain, organizer of the CIBTC blockchain conference, promotion ambassador for NEM training events in Spain, director of the “Territorio bitcoin” podcast, media advisor to Buzzshow, CCO of Motrildigital and CTO of Europahome and Iberiasport.

BW is the top three cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea. At present, it has reached cooperation with nearly 100 Korean project parties. There are more than 200k registered users in Korea, and more than 80K users have completed KYC real-name authentication. The total registration volume has so far exceeded 1.5 million, and the daily average number of active users has exceeded 100,000. The community language covers Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, India, etc.

It is worth mentioning that BW recently launched margin trading, and different from other exchange margin trading, it has more powerful and reasonable operations.

1. Support up to 20 times leverage

Binance and Kraken provide 3x and 5x leverage, respectively, while Bitfinex only provides up to 3.3x futures leverage. Of course, some exchange leverages say that a maximum of 20 times leverage is sufficient but not outrageous. The multiples are ridiculously high like 100 times, which is not suitable for the sudden change in the digital currency market.

2. World 1stmargin trading without interest:

As the derivative of leveraged financial investment, interest is the recognized income source of trading platform. However, BW margin trading product is the first in the world to break out of the confines of existing financial products as an interest-free product. Currently it supports BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, ETC, GRIN and other mainstream currencies upcoming for better choice.

3. Two-way loan function:

Users holding base token can borrow both quote token and base token. Take BTC/USDT for example, users can borrow USDT with BTC or BTC with USDT, saying goodbye to the one-way loan mode like with BTC borrowing BTC, or with USDT borrowing USDT, thus greatly facilitates user flexible operation, and gives users more smooth and convenient trading experience.

4.Two-way position holding function:

The two-way position opening transaction fully reflects the superiority to deal with sudden market changes. It is risk-free, and can lock in profits at any time, and liquidation and loss does not occur in extreme situations. The initiative to win and lose is in the hands of users, and it is one of the magic weapons to win profit stably for small and medium-sized retail customers. What is a two-way position holding? Simply saying, it is possible to open long and short at the same time with short and multiple orders, so it becomes a lock-up effect. This way is to reduce risks, losses and profits, and can also be understood as with 0.5 leverage.

BW has great vision for future, and hopes to provide comprehensive and in-depth services for investors with comprehensive function, continuously expand the service areas. BW’s goal is to become a leader in the cryptocurrency trading community.