No computer around? No RAM for App? Slow internet speed? Then go H5 version! Fast trading!

No computer around? No RAM for App? Slow internet speed? Then go H5 version!

Recently, the H5 version of the exchange has been launched. You can enter the website in the mobile browser!That's right, it’s the official website of BW, and then we arrive at the BW exchange H5 page. From then on, we will no longer consider whether the app is updated or not, and simply and quickly enjoy the latest functions of BW.

This is BW’s efforts to improve user experience and facilitate investors to manage digital assets anytime, anywhere! Although the lightweight H5 page is small in size but rich in content, it has almost no difference from the app version in operation, and the data is also synchronized with App and website. Easy and lively design style, simple and lightweight H5 page, fine polishing details, convenient anytime and anywhere, let every BW user enjoy themselves in digital asset trading.

Next, we will show you the H5 version of BW in the browser page!

The familiar home page of BW came into view. I couldn’t help but click on the three-line buttons in the upper right corner to start logging in.

After logging in, I can do any operation like in the app. There is no problem in looking at assets, market prices, and trading details! Which is convenient and comfortable!

This is it. H5 mobile terminal trading platform.

For the old friends of, you don't have to download App, but can also complete operations such as full withdrawal of token, trading and account query via browser. For novice investors, through the H5 mobile terminal, several page switching has a preliminary understanding of BW page

What’s not to love?

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