Sugar Bowl: How to receive VSYS token in 30 seconds?

You may have seen countless candy systems, but I promise you haven’t seen this. joins the crypto OG technical architect Sunny King to create the most playable, token-worth candy system Sugar Bowl. The first present project is Vsystem token: VSYS , VSYS reached the Top30 global ranking on coinmarketcap, and it listed on many major exchanges including, and other mainstream exchanges. This means that you can immediately turn into any currency you want with VSYS candy,it will also give you more value for long-term if you just hold it, that’s your choice.

Speaking of the founder of VSYS, Sunny King, everyone may be familiar. As the creator of the POS mechanism, Sunny King is called “the only original digital currency developer” by Vitalik. Now VSYS has a new action, teamed up with and launched and latest candy system build on POS: the Sugar Bowl. Sugar Bowl is a third-party bounty task platform built by the world-famous exchange It distributes points for players who complete the task through the POS+POW game mechanism. The Token Award is given to the users every day through the ranking of the points. Sugar Bowl Guideline

How to register?
1. click:

2. Click to register

3. enter your personal Phone No./EMail/

4. Set up password.

5. receive verify code.

6. enter Sugar Bowl after registration.

How to play Task System
Task System is designed in two parts: Check-in System and Telegram System.

1. Check-in System:

For the first check-in, you will receive 5 points and while you log in every day, the number of points will be gradually increased, up to 100 points. Keep landing and the scores will stay at 100.

2. Telegram Sysytem:
Click on the “telegram” button and then click on “to verify”

Verify according to the system diagram, and you will get points after successful verification.

Part II: “invites User into the telegram group”

After completing the group verification, click the invite button and follow the picture prompt to invite the user.

Then according to the page prompts, invite users to enter the telegraph group.

How to play Invitation System

In addition to the regular task system, the system also adds the invitation function, click the copy link button on the icon to copy the link and share with your friend, and both your friend and you can get 100 points by joining sugar bowl with your exclusive link!

How to enjoy the Lock-up Interests Mechanism

Enter the interest reward page, you will see the total prizes, rewards, points earned, points ranking, estimated rewards, historical interest in today’s prize pool, you do not need to do anything, the system will calculate points based on your current balance. assigning rewards through mathematical formulas as inter.

A Brief Look into VSystem

The VSystem project offers an exciting new asset which will be available as we move closer to the month of July. The project, started by Sunny King, who is known as the father of Proof of Stake (POS) token creation, has already become a top 50 globally ranked cryptocurrency asset! The VSystem token has a trade volume of over $2.5 million dollar per day, according to With that said, this project is poised for a strong future and to better understand the VSystem plan, we will take a closer look at their service offering and value proposition presented to the cryptocurrency community and digital world.

Sunny King has led VSystem towards becoming a decentralized database system, with cloud based technology, which hopes to help create a new digital economy. Through their project development, the Vsystem platform plans to deliver to the world a object-oriented general purpose database with a focus on being a distributed system, instead of traditional databases which are centralized. To achieve this goal, the team has turned to distributed ledger technology, commonly known as blockchain technology which will be the foundation of their database. Through the creation of this distributed ledger, the team hopes to better equip creators looking to launch a decentralized application, encourage blockchain development, and have a more user-friendly system. These value propositions present a strong proposition and provide a valuable foundation for the future of distributed technologies.

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