WON will be launched on BW.com Tokens LaunchPad Sales

BW.com Tokens LaunchPad will officially launch the WON rush purchase at 2020.10.10 15:00 (UTC+8)

Open trading time: 2020.10.15 (please attention to the announcement for a specific time)

Information on sale:

Total Issuance:1000000000 WON

Circulation:1300000 WON

Total amount of the purchase:31,250,000 WON

Price:0.016USDT/WON, 0.0000457 ETH/WON

(Note: ETH prices refer to the price of 12:00, October 9, 2020, Hong Kong time)

Operations: On the BW.com Tokens LaunchPad page, users can use USDT or ETH to purchase.

Starting time:2020.10.10 15:00 (UTC+8)

Minimum Purchase: 31250 WON

Maximum Purchase: 125000 WON

Bonus ratio:none

Open trading pair: WON / USDT, WON/ETH

Open deposit and withdrawal time: please pay attention to follow-up announcement

Project introduction:

WeBlock is committed to building the world’s most intelligent blockchain acceleration service system. Through the assistance of smart robot and extremely friendly user interaction, every project could enjoy unprecedented service experience. Unlike the past, WeBlock adopts a decentralized and transparent acceleration method: One-Click matching of data analysis and automated service from robot enable initial project funding, user growth and resource integration extraordinarily simple and efficient. In just 7 days, you project will be build brand new.

Official website: weblock.vip
White paper: https://www.weblock.vip/WeBlock-en-v.1.0.pdf
Block query address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x1EddEe3Fa21591a9637f88DaB9615C33Ee636b9D


Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products, and price fluctuations are large and carry a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

【Contact us】

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BWWord

Telegram: t.me/BW_support

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/bwexchange

Mailbox: support@bw.com

Official website: www.bw.com | www.bw.io

Download BW APP: https://www.bw.io/appDownload

BW, Bit World, Better World

BW.com Global Operations Team

Oct 9, 2020




BW.com World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.

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Exchange BW (BW Exchange)

Exchange BW (BW Exchange)

BW.com World first digital asset derivatives exchange based on mining pool ,280, 000 miners worldwide, 600000 600000 crypto currency investors.

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