Xtock Partnership

Today the BW.com team proudly presents a new partnership which formed between the BW.com Ecosystem and Xtock, an OTC platform focused on cryptocurrency assets. The Xtock platform provides global custody services for professional and enterprise investors looking to diversify their portfolio with the new digital assets emerging across the world. While the BW.com exchange platform appeals to consumers across the world, the Xtock platform plans to develop a solution focused on accredited investors. To this point, the Xtock platform will be listed to the BW.com exchange on July 3rd, 2019. With this Initial Exchange Offering approaching quickly, we felt it would be a great time to provide an overview of the Xtock service offering and how the BW.com exchange can help with the deployment of the platform.

With the huge audience offered by the BW.com Exchange, this can propel projects launching within the cryptocurrency community. To this point, we are thrilled to announce the listing for Xtock. With the Xtock platform offering cryptocurrency custody services, trading of security tokens, and the issuance of future security token offerings. With the cryptocurrency industry continuing to become more legitimate, these three value propositions should be well positioned to enjoy the growth of the security offerings marketplace. That being said, today we will take a closer look at the Xtock value proposition and service offering as we announce their listing coming to the BW.com Exchange soon!

Xtock Service Offering

The Xtock platform plans to deploy a suite of services tailored for cryptocurrency interested accredited investors. To this point, the team plans three core service offerings which they hope will bring value to institutional investors and accredited investors. The first of these value propositions offer a security token offering platform, similar to the LaunchPad offered by BW.com. To this point, the Xtock platform will cater to security tokens which provided a different set of challenges to both the traditional stock market and the cryptocurrency exchange offerings and initial coin marketplace which has only recently been created in the last five years.

Another core value proposition offered by the Xtock team will also offer custody services for enterprise-level and accredited investors interested in cryptocurrency assets. With huge corporate projects being launched in the sector from companies such as Microsoft and Facebook, the timing on their service offering catering to institutional investors should be ideal. Furthermore to a similar point, the platform will offer a third service with a security token exchange. This exchange will provide liquidity and purchasing opportunity for investors interested in the emerging asset class offered by digital assets. Through these three service offerings, the Xtock platform should be well positioned to capitalize on the potential boom in security tokens to sweep across the world.

The BW.com LaunchPad

The BW.com launchpad has helped launch nearly a dozen projects. To date, these projects have been propelled with an exciting start by joining the BW.com community. Through these initial exchange offerings, companies have been able to better deploy their service offerings, while also generating a marketing buzz about their new service offering. With the immense community size offered by the BW.com exchange and ecosystem, platforms launching a new service offering can benefit greatly from the exposure potential on the LaunchPad.

Xtock Coming to BW.com LaunchPad Soon!

With the Xtock exchange listing approaching quickly, we hope to see it welcomed warmly by the BW.com community. This listing will empower community members to take part in the exciting vision offered by the Xtock platform. With their service offerings focused on the emerging security token marketplace which should be appealing to institutional and professional investors across the world. With these service offerings complimenting the BW.com community so well, we felt it was a wonderful project to bring aboard the LaunchPad services provided to the BW community. Through the LaunchPad process, members of the BW.com Ecosystem will be empowered to purchase assets from Xtock. With this, the members of the community interested in Xtock will have the opportunity to secure assets distributed by the platform to help the Xtock team build their new service offering.

In closing, stay tuned for more information about the Xtock listing via the BW.com Exchange! We expect the project to launch July 5th, 2019. Furthermore, we are thrilled to see the Xtock team choosing to list their token via the BW.com. With the Xtock service offering bringing together the emerging digital asset class and accredited investors, the platform should be well positioned for success within the exchange, empowered by the huge BW.com community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.